Canine Aflatoxicosis


We have experienced many case of aflatoxins poisoning in dogs in this season. 

Many people are selling poorly stored prepared corn  mixed with fish products.

Aflatoxins are invisible toxic substances found in moldy cereal products , peanuts  and corn.

These toxins are produced by a toxigenic strain of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus . These grow in cereals, soya beans , peanut and small fish commonly know as “mukene” in Uganda.

How does this enter your dog of furry friend.

These toxins multiply in these food ingredients during storage, drying and also in the field under favorable moisture and constant temperatures below 21 degrees Celsius.

When you feed  your pet with food containing these toxins , it enters the body and then it gets metabolized in the liver into epoxides, these affect the nucleus acid and nucleoproteins.

This results into necrosis of liver cells hence hindering the functions of the liver.


All signs associated with liver disease will be evident. Vomiting, lethargy, depression , elevated liver enzymes , low protein levels , yellowing of mucus membranes and fluid in the abdomen.


Don’t feed your pets on corn products most especially from feed stores where they don’t mind about moisture control.

Store your pet’s food in Air tight containers.

Don’t buy cheap and unprofessionally formulated pet food products .

Always read on the pack to check the aflatoxins frees status on pack and don’t buy damaged packs.

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